User Service Agreement

MEA İnovasyon Bilişim Ticaret Limited Şirketi and User Transfer Service Agreement


1a) MEA İnovasyon Bilişim Ticaret LTD. STI. It is registered with the Antalya Trade Registry Office with the Registry Number 120063 and Altındağ Mah. Tonguc Cad. Mehmet Zeki Balcı Business Center Block No: 26 Interior Door No: 104 Muratpaşa/ANTALYA central address, providing various transfer services over and TransferMe Vip mobile application,(''Company, TransferMe Vip, MEA Innovation'') ,

1b) Person who receives service as a member of TransferMe Vip Platforms through the system, ("User")

The parties to this agreement and the Service Provider party will be used as "Company, TransferMe Vip, MEA Innovation", and the Service Receiver will be used as "User" in the continuation of the agreement.


2a) The subject of these Terms of Use (“Agreement”) is to determine the terms of use of the transportation services to be provided to the user through TransferMe Vip platforms and the rights and obligations of the parties regarding this.

2b) TransferMe Vip offers to users the intermediary Road Transport Air Freight or Sea Transport transfer transactions and other related services to be made from the internet, mobile applications or applications that can be developed on any similar platforms and determined by the User, the Company.

2c) TransferMe Vip is a digital platform that acts as an intermediary between member businesses/transporting institutions/companies/legal entities or real persons and users. It performs its duty as an intermediary service provider by bringing together the transportation services of member businesses with users. However, in some cases, TransferMe Vip Platforms may also be the provider of their own products.


3a) TransferMe Vip Platforms, by filling in the relevant information in the sign up area, provided social media networks or apple/google etc. You can become a member within the scope of these Terms of Use through accounts such as If any of these processes is not completed, the user rights and authorizations defined in this Agreement cannot be acquired. The User agrees and undertakes to comply with the provisions of this Agreement that he has concluded with TransferMe Vip during the membership period.

3b) Users accept and undertake that they are over the age of 18, and if they are under the age of 18, they use TransferMe Vip Platforms only with the consent of their parents or legal guardians.

3c) Each user needs an e-mail address and a "password" to be determined by himself in order to register and access the TransferMe Vip Platforms. Log in steps should be followed when accessing with social media account or other specified accounts.

3d) "Password" is only within the knowledge of the relevant user. If the user password is forgotten, upon request from the system, a link will be sent to the user's registered e-mail address or registered phone number in order to create a new password. Determining and protecting the password is entirely the responsibility of the user and TransferMe Vip is not responsible for any problems or damages that may arise from the use of passwords.

3e) TransferMe Vip assumes that the person logging into the TransferMe Vip Platforms using the registered email address and password is the user covered by this Agreement, and TransferMe Vip has no obligation to investigate the source and authority of the entries made.

3f) The user can determine his/her preference for allowing e-service promotions, advertisements, campaigns, advantages, surveys and other customer satisfaction applications to be offered to him/her within the scope of the applications in force and/or to be implemented by TransferMe Vip during the membership phase. Notifications regarding transportation and/or transportation conveyed to the user are not accepted as commercial messages.

3g) TransferMe Vip shares the registered name, address and phone number determined by the user only with the merchant so that transportation can be provided with the right user.

3h) Since TransferMe Vip is an intermediary service provider, it is not responsible for any problems or damages that may arise between the user and the member workplace due to the sharing of the name, address and phone number registered in its system with the member workplace.

3i) TransferMe Vip may prepare reports by anonymizing the data without disclosing the user membership information, or use such information or reports itself, and may share these reports and/or statistics with its business partners and third parties with or without charge.


4a) While the User is using its services through TransferMe Vip Platforms;

4b) The information in the member form is correct and only one e-mail can be defined for each user created on TransferMe Vip, the defined e-mail address cannot be changed, a new e-mail address can only be defined if a new user is created on TransferMe Vip;

4c) He/she is personally responsible for any transaction he/she makes with his/her registered e-mail address;

4d) Due to the fact that the information provided by the user when signing up is not correct and/or belongs to someone else, TransferMe Vip has the right to recourse to the user at any time and to claim compensation for any damage incurred by TransferMe Vip, and TransferMe Vip does not exercise any of its rights in this regard. cannot be interpreted as waiving the exercise of this right,

4e) Not to access the services provided by TransferMe Vip in a way other than and/or unauthorized manner, and not to change the software in any way, not to use the ones that have been changed and to cover all material and moral damages that TransferMe Vip may incur in cases where it does not comply with the aforementioned rules;

4f) Not to act in a way that adversely affects other users' use of the TransferMe Vip system;

4g) Not to publish, print, reproduce or distribute any material or information that is defamatory, infringing, immoral, indecent or illegal to the names of persons, institutions or member businesses;

4h) Not to engage in activities (spam, viruses, trojan horses, etc.) and actions that prevent or make it difficult for other users to use the services of others, not to send information or programs that will damage the information or software on their computer;

4i) Any recording or material obtained by using TransferMe Vip services is completely within the consent of the user, failures that may occur on his own computer, loss of information and other losses are entirely his own responsibility, not to demand compensation for damages he may incur due to the use of TransferMe Vip Platforms;

4j) not to use TransferMe Vip services for commercial or advertising purposes without obtaining permission from TransferMe Vip;

4k) TransferMe Vip has the right to take necessary actions, remove the user from the service and terminate his membership in case he violates the rules and terms of the Agreement,4l) TransferMe Vip'in, kendi sistemini ticari amaçla kullanabileceğini kabul ettiğini;

4m) Not to transmit information that is prohibited by law, and not to share data that is not authorized to be sent, such as chain mail, software virus (etc.);

4n) Not to record, disseminate, misuse the personal information of others;

4o) The service fee may vary;

4p) The merchants that will carry out transportation may vary according to the regions where the User is located;

4r) The fees in TransferMe Vip may differ from the fees offered by member merchants elsewhere (on other platforms, their systems, websites, etc.);

4s) I accept that cookies (cookie/cookies) are used on TransferMe Vip Platforms, cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to a cookie file on the hard disk of the user's computer, these allow users to navigate TransferMe Vip and help to prepare content suitable for the needs of users accessing the site when necessary. , declares and undertakes.


5a) TransferMe Vip may temporarily suspend or completely stop the operation of the system on TransferMe Vip Platforms at any time.

5b) TransferMe Vip reserves the right to change the content of TransferMe Vip Platforms at any time, to change or terminate any service provided to users, or to delete user information and data stored in its system upon the request of the user.

5c) TransferMe Vip may temporarily suspend the ability of the relevant users to make payments via the Online Payment Method due to user transactions that raise security concerns, restrict and/or completely stop the additional features offered for online payment. TransferMe Vip will not have any responsibility towards its users or third parties due to the temporary suspension or complete suspension of the use of the System or Online Payment Method.

5d) Email and password will be viewed and confirmed after completing the application fields provided by TransferMe Vip. The TransferMe user will be able to exclusively indefinitely prevent the members who have filled out the member form completely or the users who log into the TransferMe Vip system from having a new password or using their password.

5e) If there is an error in the property information or price of the transporting vehicle, TransferMe Vip may notify the users and act to correct this error or cancel the transport/transfer process.

5f) TransferMe Vip is not responsible for any problems or damages that may arise due to incomplete and/or incorrect explanations made by member businesses regarding transportation.

5g) TransferMe Vip may enable the user to switch to websites other than TransferMe Vip Platforms. In this case, the user accepts in advance that TransferMe Vip is not responsible for the content of the sites to which he will switch.

5h) TransferMe Vip may make changes in the implementation of this Agreement, amend existing articles or add new articles in order to comply with future technical requirements and legislation.

5i) The user may request the termination of his TransferMe Vip membership at any time. In this case, the request must be forwarded to the official address of the company. However, TransferMe Vip reserves the right to close, suspend or restrict the User's account if it is determined by TransferMe Vip that the User's account is being used by a third party, that the account has been abused, and that he has acted against the law, morality and the terms of this Agreement.

5j) Since TransferMe Vip is in the position of an intermediary service provider in accordance with the service it provides, it is the sole responsibility of the member merchants to transmit information about the transport/transfer related content.

5k) TransferMe Vip will be able to request a photograph showing the complaint about the situation subject to the complaint in the complaints submitted by the users.


6a) The user can pay the fee for the transportation to be received through the TransferMe Vip Platform, from the options offered by the relevant merchant and TransferMe Vip from the TransferMe Platform. This can be instant online payment using a bank card, credit card or a similar payment tool, other payment systems, various payment functions using Online Payment Method, as well as Wire Transfer/EFT/FAST to the IBAN number to be specified by TransferMe Vip and at the beginning of the vehicle to transport/transfer. may be in cash before the move is made.

6b) For payments made using the Online Payment Method option, if the card is used unlawfully by someone other than the holder, Bank Cards and Credit Cards Law No. 5464 dated 23.02.2006 and Debit Cards and Credit Cards published in the Official Gazette dated 10.03.2007 and numbered 26458. Transactions are made in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Cards.

6c) For transportation/transfer-related works paid with the Online Payment Method, the invoice is issued not by TransferMe Vip, but by the merchant that makes the transportation/transfer. For services received using the Online Payment Method, TransferMe Vip is exclusively authorized by the member merchants to collect the fees for the service received from the user on behalf of the member merchants.

6d) TransferMe Vip reserves the right to offer additional payment methods and/or remove existing payment methods at any time at its sole discretion.

6e) The user may approve the storage of credit card/debit card information in order to receive the service to be received from TransferMe Vip more easily and quickly. In this case, the user's credit card information will be stored in the infrastructure of third-party payment service providers.


7a) Refunds to the user, limited to the services paid with the Online Payment Method, can only be made in the following cases:

7b) Mandatory cancellation of the service due to the fact that the address to be transported/transferred is outside the transport area of the member workplace;

7c) Regardless of the name of the service, there will be a mandatory cancellation of the service after it has been approved by TransferMe Vip.

7d) The reflection of the refund on the credit card/debit card that the user has made the payment varies according to the procedure of the bank where the transaction is made.

7e) If a receipt or invoice has been issued by the relevant member workplace regarding the service subject to cancellation and it has been delivered to the user, the receipt/invoice must be returned to the relevant member workplace officer.

7f) TransferMe Vip reserves the right not to refund fees only for reasons arising from the User.

7g) For services paid with payment means other than the Online Payment Method, the refund is made directly by the member merchants of TransferMe Vip. Since TransferMe Vip is an intermediary service provider, it does not accept any responsibility for any disputes that may arise regarding the cancellation of the service to be made by the member businesses.


8a) The design, software, domain name of the TransferMe Platforms and all kinds of trademarks, designs, logos, trade dress, slogans and all other content created by TransferMe Vip regarding them are the property of TransferMe Vip with all kinds of intellectual property rights.

8b) The user cannot use, share, distribute, display, reproduce or make derivative works of the intellectual property rights owned by TransferMe Vip or its affiliates without the permission of TransferMe Vip.

8c) In the event that the User acts in violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties or TransferMe Vip, the User is obliged to compensate all direct and indirect damages and expenses of TransferMe Vip and / or the third party in question.

8d) The User shall not abuse the services included in the TransferMe Vip Platform or the systems and applications developed in connection with it, and will not engage in any behavior that violates the rights of other users using this system or that they will incur any harm to TransferMe Vip or the related user as a result of such abuse. accepts that he is solely responsible for all damages and that TransferMe Vip has the right to close or limit this user's account on the relevant service or the user name, profile photo and similar parts of his account, or to terminate his TransferMe Vip membership if such use is detected.

8e) The user must ensure that the usernames, nicknames, photographs, correspondence, and topic titles to be added to the TransferMe Vip Platforms comply with the rules of general morality, etiquette, customs and law, do not contain political messages, and that all publication, processing and processing related to such phrases, correspondence and photographs All financial rights listed in the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works numbered 5846 and dated 5.12.1951, including the rights of reproduction, dissemination, representation, transmission to the public by means of sign, sound and/or image transmission, transfer and assignment to third parties, are transferred to TransferMe Vip. acknowledges that it has been transferred to

8f) The user shall not use usernames, photographs and nicknames that are threatening, immoral, racist, contrary to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, international agreements, containing political messages, violating the intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties; agrees not to send messages or comments.

8g) When the user uses TransferMe Vip services, he/she is responsible for the personal ideas, thoughts, expressions, files he/she adds to the TransferMe Vip environment, and the personal information he/she sends, and that TransferMe Vip is responsible for any conflicts that may arise between the merchant and the user. cannot be held responsible in any way for any reason, TransferMe Vip is free to publish or not publish these opinions and thoughts, and that it has the right to edit these views and comments through moderators and correct the spelling errors, that the user opinions have no connection with TransferMe Vip and that they are not affiliated with the third parties due to the ideas and opinions they will declare. accepts that it does not have any responsibility for the damages that the users/member workplaces may suffer and the damages that the user may suffer due to the ideas and opinions expressed by the third parties/member workplaces.

8h) Information, documents, software, designs, graphics, etc., produced by the user and uploaded to the system voluntarily for publication. has the right to publish, process, share on social media networks and/or move the works to another address deemed appropriate by TransferMe Vip within the TransferMe Vip system, or remove them from the website at its own discretion. It is possible for this published information to be copied, processed and/or published by other users. In these cases, the user will not demand any royalties from TransferMe' Vip.


9a) User information, comments/evaluations etc. registered on TransferMe Vip Platforms. It is stored in accordance with the data legislation for the periods determined in accordance with the relevant legislation to which it is subject. The data stored on TransferMe Vip Platforms and user records constitute binding and conclusive evidence in any dispute arising from the performance of this Agreement.


10a) The parties are obliged to perform and supply in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement due to fire, riot, earthquake, flood, strike, epidemic disease, curfews, war, civil war, legal regulations that they cannot foresee or prevent and that directly affect their performances arising from the Agreement. will not be liable if it fails to fulfill its obligations, and the delay of the party exposed to the aforementioned force majeure in fulfilling its obligations will not be considered as a reason for termination of the Contract. In this case, the duty of the parties to fulfill their obligations is force majeure.


11a) This Agreement is subject to the Laws of the Republic of Turkey. Antalya Courthouse Courts and Antalya Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any dispute that may arise from the performance of the contract.


12a) This Agreement will enter into force as of the user's membership in TransferMe Vip and will remain in effect until the user's membership continues, and will continue to have provisions and consequences between the parties.


13a) The Parties may terminate this Agreement at any time. In case of termination of the Agreement, the Parties shall mutually perform the rights and obligations arising up to the date of termination.